Instructions. 2 ingredient white chocolate mousse. 2 %. Servings: people. Ingredients 150 g strawberries 110 g chocolate, white, good quality, broken in squares 1 tablespoon skimmed milk 3 portion egg white Instructions Reserve 2 strawberries for decoration and puree the rest with a hand blender or in a liquidiser. Spoon the mousse into small serving dishes and refrigerate for 2 hours or until serving time. The higher fat content there is in the chosen chocolate, the creamier and more delicious the mousse will be. Pour the mousse into your 2 glasses/serving pots & allow to set in the fridge for at least 2 hours. To make it even more fancy, I’ll also be showing you how to make a chocolate bowl! your password Spoon into 4 glasses or ramekins and set in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Preparation is super easy, it just takes 10 minutes to make this delicious mousse. If you are going to make your own chocolate curls, place a baking tray into the fridge or freezer to chill until cold to the touch. White Chocolate Mousse is an easy and delicious sweet treat! Fiber 0g. Serve each with a dollop of crème fraiche and shavings of dark chocolate. Hervé This, a French physical chemist with a PHD in molecular gastronomy, invented the recipe. Rating: 3.73 stars 11 Ratings. Eggless Chocolate Cookies. This creamy dark chocolate mousse is made with just 2 ingredients: chocolate and water. It won’t spike your blood sugar levels or trouble your tummy. your username. Eating chocolate mousse is honestly like eating a beautiful chocolate cloud. 70 %. No-Bake 3-Ingredient Chocolate Tart. The mousse can be stored in the fridge covered in cling film for up to 3 days. Easy 2 Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse Recipe. No one will guess that this rich, elegant dessert is made with only 2 ingredients- 6 Servings - 2 hr 30 min - 0 %. Add a big tablespoon of the egg white to the melted chocolate and mix vigorously, working fast so the chocolate doesn’t cool and harden. Break the 30g of white chocolate into a small bowl and melt in the microwave in 10 second intervals stirring well between each time with a spatula. Chocolate gets hard, so after the mixture is ready, pour it into molds quickly. Cheesecake Cookie Bars. The two-ingredient chocolate mousse is easy and fastest to make, the fanciest dessert I know and is so creamy and rich with perfect sweetness that you will want whenever tempted to sweetness. Divide between 4 x 150ml ramekins. It is a tasty make-ahead party dessert. Super quick, super easy and super classy, this Easy White Chocolate Mousse is sure to please the crowds! Nutritional facts are per serving and accuracy is not certain. Servings: 6 | Calories: 221 | Total Fat: 22g | Chol: 78mg | More. 3 Remove the bowl from the iced water bath and continue whisking until the mixture just becoming soft set. 1 Place the chocolate in a bowl and add 270ml of hot water. “White Chocolate mousse – eggless” is a rich and creamy 2- ingredients dessert. Place the bowl over another bowl filled with ice and water, and whisk the water and chocolate together. 2. INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups heavy cream, cold and divided1 cup of white chocolate chips INSTRUCTIONS In a microwave container, heat 1/2 cup of the heavy cream for 50 seconds (depending on the power of the microwave).Add the white chocolate chunks […] 2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Recipe In 15 MinutesChocolate mousse is a soft prepared sweet or savory dish. Feb 11, 2019 - This 2-Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse is a delicious and simple dessert for special occasions made with just white chocolate and heavy cream. White Chocolate Mousse is a simple yet tasty holiday dessert. Great recipe for Easy and Smooth 2 Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse. When mixed, add about a third of the remaining whipped cream to the chocolate base. Total Carb 5g. . The classical version of chocolate mousse is a French pastry version with many egg whites for the volume of mousse … Using a whisk, mix until the chocolate has dissolved. Since there are only two ingredients in this innovative mousse, the quality of the chocolate is very important; it should have at least 70% cocoa solids. White Chocolate Mousse Recipe. 2 ingredient white chocolate mousse. Easy chocolate mousse recipe with just 2 ingredients. Print Recipe. Welcome! Ingredients. Course Dessert; Servings: 4 people: Cook Time: 25 minutes: Servings: 4 people: Cook Time: 25 minutes: Ingredients. Two Ingredient Chocolate Mousse. Two-Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse. Log into your account. Fold the cream into the chocolate mixture: Begin by adding a heaping spoonful of the whipped cream into the chocolate custard base. Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse. Turn the bowl 90 degrees and repeat. 600 ml whipping cream (35% milk fat) 200 g Dark Chocolate (or milk!) 3-Ingredient Lemon Mousse. Cocoa solids are the flavor that is suspended in the cocoa fat of the bean. When you are ready to serve, top with a few raspberries & a generous amount of your homemade white chocolate curls. Gently stir the cream in to lighten the mixture. 34 %. 2 Place the bowl over an iced water bath and whisk until the mixture begins to thicken. With just whipping cream and chocolate, this mousse simple and easy to prepare. ... Matcha green tea powder is the star ingredient in this white chocolate, green tea and mint mousse that is a refreshing dessert to end a meal. This has been one of those days. This easy chocolate mousse recipe only uses 2 ingredients! Recipe by: Gilligan q White chocolate mousse cups No reviews 2 hr. Developing this 5-ingredient keto dessert wasn’t easy — but it was rewarding in the end. Scrape the spatula through and under the chocolate, and fold that over onto the cream. Serve immediately. Then fold in the remaining egg whites carefully using a spatula or large metal spoon. Strawberry Jello Cake. Sat Fat 14g. Melt the chocolate in a large bowl with the water. A perfect mousse should be light and airy and have deeply rich and decadent flavors. Prepare this smooth, creamy and decadent dessert in a few minutes with only two ingredients. You may also like: Chocolate Truffles Cupcakes. Find rich, creamy white chocolate mousse recipes for an easy but impressive special occassion dessert. Two Ingredient, Easy Chocolate Mousse – Version 2 Ingredients: 250g dark chocolate; 1 cup water; Preparation: 1. Recipe by AyakoOOOOO No fancy equipments, no chilling time, just a whisk, 10 minutes and elbow grease! Oct 15, 2013 - This 2 ingredient white chocolate mousse is easy enough even for the most basic cook. The key ingredient of white chocolate mousse… You’ll want to use a good quality white chocolate for this recipe since that is clearly the hero flavour of the dish, so use something that you enjoy eating – I used my favourite Whittaker’s 28% cocoa white chocolate, but any brand of good quality white chocolate will do the trick.. A lot of people never think to make mousse because they assume that it’s difficult, but I’m going to give you guys the easiest TWO ingredient recipe that will blow any dinner guest away. There are some days that just call for a simple recipe. I just wanted to make an easy and delicious dessert with easy ingredients and steps. Gently mix the chocolate and water together. Therefore, I developed a super-easy keto white chocolate mousse that uses cocoa butter and more natural sweeteners. Saved from Grab some cream and white chocolate and you're good to go!. This mousse uses just 3 ingredients, prep time is 5 minutes, and it can be made well in advance and refrigerated until ready to use. Gluten-Free Chocolate Ganache Cake. 1.Divide your whipping cream into two measuring cups so that there is 450 ml in one container, and 150 ml in another. It’s rich, smooth, and airy. Total Fat 22g .
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