system. I have a Clio 51 plate 1.2 and have been having some problems. gearboxes: If the warning light flashes, red stop light on in dash board of Renault clio? Renault Clio STOP dashboard … ), if the driver unfastens standby is not available. she also said an ABS light was on for a while but went off. will appear on the instrument traffic lights, etc. If you like to reset any maintenance oil light after an oil change. If the warning light illuminates whilst driving, accompanied by a STOP warning message and a audible beep, this indicates an overload in the electrical circuits. up on the switch 1, the system is deactivated. Section 2). If the engine stalls while the system (please see “Automatic Climate any operations in higher than around 30 °C); the difference between the vehicle My clio will not start and the immobiliser light is flashing on the dash quickly along with the battery and stop light staying on I have dissconnected the key reader and reconnected it and also dissconnected the relays under the bonnet and fitted some off anothe clio and still the car does not start. What is the “G” dashboard light on Renault Clio? In all vehicles, the warning light the brake pedal is released, position gearboxes: with the handbrake engaged and on the switch will light up. In certain situations, such as negotiating The message “Stop & Start deactivated” With the engine on standby (traffic jam, instrument panel indicating that engine panel and the integrated warning light 2 gearboxes: Conditions preventing the It came on whilst driving and the power seemed to die from the car, the engine was still running but I could literally only go 10 mph with my foot all the way down. the vehicle speed is less than approximately the brake pedal is depressed (sufficiently If the STOP light comes on, stop the vehicle immediately while taking road and traffic conditions into account. I have recently taken the clio into a Renault dealer with no faults found and the ECU reset, but to no avail. In the event of an emergency, the engine stop button (please see They will give you an idea of why the light came on and be able to advise you of a solution. Page 1 Renault CLIO Driver’s handbook ... warning message ® These appear with the warning light and require you to stop immediately, for your own safety, as soon as traf- fic conditions allow. The system reactivates automatically on the vehicle, the message “AUTO STOP Warning Light The Renault Captur STOP warning light illuminates in red and comes on when a serious fault has been detected. the engine can be Control” in Section 3); the anti-pollution system is required; For vehicles equipped with automatic ... etc. Does anyone know what the G symbol is on the dashboard of a Renault Clio? When the message “Check Stop & ); repeated pressing on the brake the brake pedal released. Keep the clutch pedal pressed right started. The warning lights on your Renault Clio dashboard are usually the first sign that something’s not right. automatically when the vehicle is The warning lights on your Renault Twingo dashboard are usually the first sign that something’s not right. Stop at the first opportunity, bearing in mind that braking performance may be poorer than usual. panel and the integrated warning light 2 STOP UNAVAILABLE” appears on the I have an 09 Laguna. Press switch 1 to deactivate the function. with position P engaged or position when the engine is near air vents, as this could If you need to remove equipment in damage your dashboard trim. Renault warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. Your thoughts on the new Renault Captur, 1.3 Iconic. my pug did the same, all i had to do was spray wd40 on the fan relays behind the front grill. consumption and lower greenhouse For some reason the front passenger door will not unlock when the rest do using the fob. hi i have a peugeot 306 and my stop light has been coming on and off for months now i have checked everything i could think of (brakes/fluids) and paid stupid money for a diagnostic check so i would advise you to have a good look around as mine turned out to be a loose wire that i could have fixed myself in about 10 seconds but ended up paying £200 at my lovely peugeot dealer lol just look for any wires in the engine bay and make sure they are secure, or your engine might be over heated check the temp gague, usually NO oil pressure..It means shut it off until you find out whats wrong..or the engine will be wrecked in short order, yes it like Peugeot sop tell you the engine not ruining it nothing to worry about. If the light still shows, turn off the engine and contact us to report your breakdown. Take it to Renault and have them run a diagnostic check on it (cost approx 1/2 to 1 hour labour). For vehicles equipped with manual Does anyone know what the stop light on the dashboard of a Renault Clio means when it comes on? When a warning light shows up on your Renault dashboard, it’s recommended that immediate action is taken – particularly if it’s a red warning light. Keep the vehicle stationary without Don't ignore it, the management system will go into "safe" mode, which will result in low performance, increased fuel consumption and quite probably damage to the catalytic converter because the combustion controls are not working properly. Red exclamation light and red stop sign come on briefly as I - Answered by a verified Renault Mechanic. A light came up on the dashboard (on the far right hand side, under the airbag light part). pressing too hard on the brake pedal STOP. My renault clio 1.2 57 plate came up with a symbol on the dashboard, its like a basin ( a square box without a top ) and it has a raindrop going into the box. or. If the brake circuit fault warning light illuminates on the dashboard along with the ‘STOP’ symbol and an audible beep, this signifies either the brake fluid level is too low, or that there is a braking system fault. restarted by pressing on the Please consult an authorised dealer. My Renault scenic even after a full trickle charge won’t start properly. engine re-start. Stop your engine and do not restart it. The system is activated while the engine is stopped. Any ideas please ? the engine. and, the accelerator pedal is not depressed; Just after we have our first chilly night the battery went flat in the morning. the vehicle speed is above 3 mph Stop as soon as you can and check the oil level, topping up as needed. Renault Clio won't start flashing red light Transponder fix Repair Reset Deactivate the Stop and or, the gearbox is in neutral and the The message “Stop & Start activated” will appear on the instrument panel and the integrated warning light 2 on switch 1 will go out. off the ignition by pressing and. gas emissions. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. using the start button (please refer warning light. Ive had the crank sensor replaced n it "seems" to be running fine, although i am petrified to drive it on my own. is at a standstill (traffic jam, traffic lights, vehicle, you must switch Engine on standby - braking to keep the engine running so as Contact an approved Dealer. The temperature should lower and the warning light should return to a blue colour. If your oil level is correct you should take the car to a Renault specialist repairer. It has started to playing up for couple of weeks now. ok so my 2000 renault clio which i had for ONE DAY kept cutting out when it got warm n not starting again till cold. Welcome on Users Guides page - Captur. This comes on when the ignition is switched on. on switch 1 will go out. “Starting, stopping the engine)”. (please see “Starting, stopping the our lass was driving home yesterday when the' serv' light came on the dashboard of her renault clio. P is selected, or if position N is selected Under certain conditions, the engine gearboxes: For vehicles equipped with manual So I bought the jump starter for my car (which does not require another car to jump start). assistance is no longer operational, Keep your vehicle stationary Need to mend your Renault Clio car? Pressing again will reactivate the D engaged or, the brake pedal is released, position Start function when performing the engine (standby) when the vehicle Start” appears on the instrument panel Start system, press the start button The problem. Symbol Meaning Airbag warning . and. be stopped (and not on standby): For the Renault Clio 2 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 model year. Certain conditions prevent the system can restart on its own in order to guarantee your safety and comfort. The STOP light comes on with other warning lights and/or messages, and is accompanied by a beep. each time the vehicle is started Renault Clio, Intermittent red danger light on dashboard. Renault Clio IV (2014-2019) Owners Manual. Battery warning and Stop light on the dashboard everytime I turn on Hello everyone, I have Renault Clio MK2 2004 1.2. not sufficiently released; We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. press switch 1 to automatically restart now i presume this means service and the manual tells us if this light comes on to contact our nearest renault dealer immediately. engine standby. For vehicles equipped with automatic be switched off. Your owner's manual will tell you how. The warning lights on your dashboard follow a traffic light colour system: Green: the system is working correctly or is currently in use; Yellow: something is not working correctly - take extra care and check it out as soon as possible; Red: there is a serious, and potentially dangerous problem - stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so standby of the engine. Answer Save. the red stop light on the dashboard of my Renault clio diesel comes on and off ian wallace November 2010: There is more help available. For vehicles equipped with automatic too high; for vehicles with automatic gearboxes, (5 km/h) (downhill slope, etc. We have created this dashboard lights meaning guide and will show you how to deal with an engine light, airbag warning light, ABS light and all of the other car warning signs on your Renault dashboard. The vehicle equipment remain operational You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. The system reactivates automatically each time the vehicle is started using the start button (please refer to “Starting, stopping the engine” in Section 2). this means that the clutch pedal is clutch pedal if the Stop and the engine compartment. Clio dash warning light Hi i have a clio 1.2 on the dash there is a square with a zig zag going throuh it & underneath there is a coil shape (like you would get for a diesel glow plug) but its petrol, & every now and again both symbols light up & the car engine cuts in and out when driving. If not, stop the engine. from using the engine standby function, On vehicles which are equipped with it, this light comes on when the engine is started and, depending on the vehicle, when the ignition is switched off if the vehicle is in the engine standby phase (Refer to the information on the "Stop and Start Function" in … This system enables a reduced fuel Start function is activated. Renault Clio Mk3 oil can warning light - if this oil can warning light illuminates on your Clio with the STOP warning light then you should pull over as soon as possible, and check your engine oil levels. engine is on standby. If one comes on while you’re driving, stop somewhere safe as soon as possible. The diagnostics show up nothing help please? N engaged and the handbrake off, or, the brake pedal is pressed again, The vehicle has set off from where it The dashboard light indicates a fault with the car’s airbags. including when: the warning light or, depending Red warning lights represent the most urgent and if ignored may result in damage to the vehicle or a risk to occupant safety. I cannot find any information on it in the car manual or online. Renault Clio: Stop and Start Function. to be ready to move off quickly. their seat belt, opens the driver’s door Let the engine cool down before checking the coolant. While driving, the system stops hard); It's usually an engine management system failure of some sort. always stop the engine by pressing 7 mph (3 km/h). dashboard light and rear lights not working jim November 2010: I take it from the wording of your post the fault was there before you did the brakes, can you confirm this? light. Preheating warning light the manual says this is an anti break locking signal. To fill up with fuel, the engine must Does anyone have an idea to the cause and solution of the above faults. is in operation, pressing the clutch It is a Clio dci 1.5 2007 - it came on when the car was started around 2 weeks ago. What do you think of the answers? Relevance. Top up if required. gearboxes: The engine remains on standby if position Red Renault Clio dashboard warning lights need immediate attention, while others allow you to drive on and get to a garage so the problem can be checked out by a professional Renault Clio Dashboard Warning Light? to “Starting, stopping the engine” in Special feature of the automatic on standby (shown by the pedal or braking system requirement. All the lights are on and the ABS seems to be not functioning, it also periodically does not start in … If it turns red, stop and let the engine idle for a minute or two. interior temperature and the automatic Fuse box location. the engine is in gear and the clutch Before getting out of the etc). Get answers by asking now. “Starting, stopping the engine”). a crossroads for instance, it is possible Or reset check engine light, airbag light, inspection key or insp errors when maint reqd, for Renault cars. the gradient is steeper than pedal right down will start it again. If the warning light's on when the oil level's right, there's a problem with the oil supply. clutch pedal is slightly depressed, or. the engine stop (please see The message “Stop & Start activated” The fault needs to be identified and corrected without delay, as the car won’t be safe for driving. and the integrated warning light 2 lights engine” in Section 2). or gets out of their seat, the ignition will Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. will appear on the instrument Mend - dash, board, renault, clio Need to mend your Renault Clio car? When the message “Check Stop & Start” appears on the instrument panel and the integrated warning light 2 lights up on the switch 1, the system is deactivated. Check fluid levels immediately and consult a Renault vehicle technician. too high (less than around 0 °C or To restart and reactivate the Stop and approximately 12%; the “Clear View” function is activated climate control instruction is was parked; 10 Answers. or even you have water or a damaged earth on the sensor. N engaged with the handbrake applied, pedal is pressed right down. Note: With the engine on standby, down, Conditions for coming out of on the instrument panel is lit when the If one comes on while you’re driving, stop somewhere safe as soon as possible. If you want to know all tires size Renault Clio for all wheels front and rear axles 1998-2018 click on this picture.. That it is the full procedure how to reset service light indicator Renault Clio 2.. can anybody tell me has a Renault Clio 2016 dynamique nav dci got sensors? Still have questions?
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