Columnist: King David Dzirasah 2017-07-04 Startling revelation of how Christianity was in already in Africa before colonization It is some of these Christians who stayed in the desert for prayers after the end of the persecution and founded Christian monasticism. King Ezana of the Ethiopian/Eritrean Kingdom of Aksum gave Christianity official status and facilitated the establishment of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Originally from Collingswood, Michael M. Canaris, Ph.D., teaches at Loyola University, Chicago. ... Christian communities could be found as far west as the British Isles, south to North Africa and Ethiopia, north to the Danube and modern-day Romania, and east from modern-day Turkey into Armenia and even in India. The oldest surviving document of North African Christianity records the trial of Christians which dates back to July 17, 180. Bishop Gabuza has earned a reputation for supporting social justice initiatives across Africa, where he has been a tireless advocate for the resolution of violence and diminishment of political intolerance, especially in the face of rampant corruption. In the twentieth century, Christianity in Africa exploded from an estimated population of eight or nine million in 1900 (8 to 9%) to some 335 million in 2000 (45%), marking a shift in the “center of gravity of Christianity” from the West to Latin America, parts of Asia and Africa. The discoveries at Beta Samati provide a welcome glimpse into the rise of Africa’s first Christian kingdom—and, he hopes, will spark a new round of Aksum-related excavations. The oldest of these churches is the Tewahedo which enjoys a membership of around 45 to 50 million people. Today, Africa’s share has risen to 19 per cent, while Europe’s has slumped to 25 per cent. And this is estimated to grow to 40 percent by 2030. Africa, politically but also in Christian witness. In 1900, there were less than 10 million Christians on the continent, many of whom were non-native missionaries. Spread of Christianity. Mark arrived in Egypt around 42 C.E., Philip traveled all the way to Carthage before heading east into Asia Minor, Matthew visited Ethiopia (by way of Persia), as did Bartholomew. Researcher Matthias Basedau says weak African states are a major cause. shell-- Christianity and the jews, Milton Shain-- christianity among Indian South Africans, Gerald J. Pillay. A U.S.-based Pew Forum reports that the number of Christians in the world is currently 2.18 billion, which is one third of the world’s population. In 1900, there were less than 10 million Christians on the continent, many of whom were non-native missionaries. A century later in the year 2000, there were 350 million. The emergence of anti-homosexuality politics in Africa is often explained with reference to religion. 2 Professor Watson A. Pope Francis has named Abel Gabuza, the current bishop of Kimberley, South Africa, to the post of coadjutor archbishop of Durban, one of the largest cities in the nation. He will eventually replace the leadership role of 77-year-old Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, OFM. The Explosion of Christianity in Africa. The Alexandria-based church initially used Greek, and it was not until the late 2nd century that both the liturgy and the scriptures were translated into three native languages. shell-- Christianity and the jews, Milton Shain-- christianity among Indian South Africans, Gerald J. Pillay. Christianity has existed in Africa arguably since a decade after the death of Jesus of Nazareth. There is at least a reasonable chance that many of us will live to see the first African-born pope since Victor I in 198 A.D. (The slightly later Miltiades and Gelasius were thought to be of African descent, but likely were born in Rome — clarifying the storied narrative of immigration as part of Christian history, yet again!). Christianity Reaches North Africa After the crucifixion, the disciples spread out across the known world to take the word of God and the story of Jesus to the people. If you need assistance with submitting your subscription, please call Neal Cullen at 856-583-6139, or email, “You cannot be half a saint; you must be a whole saint or no saint at all–Saint Therese of Lisieux”. Protestants are twice as many in Nigeria (59.7 million) than in Germany, where Martin Luther began the Protestant Christian movement. Over the past 100 years, Christians grew from less than 10 percent of Africa… As African theologian Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator has put it, “At its core, it is in the nature of theological scholarship to adapt to changing situations, circumstances and contexts.”, “I do believe that our vocation as theologians ceases to be relevant when it becomes discourse for the sake of argumentation and disputation, or when it becomes obsessed with repetitive and deadening orthodoxy, especially when it neither affects nor reflects real life situations,” he said. The roots of the Christianising of Africa reach back to the missions of the Apostles (Baur 1994:17).8 The Christian Church blossomed in North Africa for six centuries before the arrival of Islam in this region. By 2025, that number is expected to nearly double, to somewhere between 630 and 700 million believers. Sir, In his Opinion piece “As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God” (Dec 27), Matthew Parris reflects the shifts in world Christianity through the 20th century. Christian evangelists were intimately involved in the colonial process in southern Africa. Only a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, a groundbreaking poll was published highlighting the shocking pace of decline of Christianity in America. In 1900, nine million Christians lived in Africa compared to the 380 million in 2000. Christianity found its way to Sudan in the 1st century as well, and the region's Nubian churches had links to those in Egypt. By 2025, nearly three-quarters of all Catholics will live in Africa, Asia or Latin America. These evils were fought by champions like Henry Venn and Thomas Fowell. Early Islam was followed by some extremely militaristic states that marched across Northern Africa, resulting in a wave of conversion.
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