If you are looking for reused spindle ideas for the holidays, you have hit the jackpot. Jan 30, 2013 - Explore Julie Kruger's board "Things to make with spindles", followed by 318 people on Pinterest. The root bark is the part normally used, though bark from the … I like it both ways–flat or spread out. You’re keeping me busy. Click on the following article and learn how to grow spindle bushes. How to use the Spindle Tree is described as follows: Harvest: The root and stem barks are usually harvested from wild stock in the autumn and dried. Jeanette says. Spindle Benefits And Uses. The Spindle tree is now listed as a threatened or endangered shrub but young shoots were once made into charcoal and gunpowder. Everything ranging from appetite stimulant to nits [head lice], and horse/cattle mange. Just plain awesome. However that is not exactly correct as its wood and berries have been used for numerous other purposes. The root bark is dried in quilled pieces 1/12th to 1/6th inch thick. Spindle bush is hardy to USDA zones 3 through 8. Also known as common spindle tree, spindle bush is an upright, deciduous shrub that becomes more rounded with maturity. Euonymus japonicus, or the Japanese spindle, is a small flowering shrub native to Japan and China that is a popular ornamental plant among gardeners.This shrub has leathery, green foliage, with serrated oval leaves about two inches long. Euonymus / j uː ˈ ɒ n ɪ m ə s / is a genus of flowering plants in the staff vine family, Celastraceae.Common names vary widely among different species and between different English-speaking countries, but include spindle (or spindle tree), burning-bush, strawberry-bush, wahoo, wintercreeper, or simply euonymus.It comprises about 130 species of deciduous and evergreen … Its foliage of huge, ovate, mid-green leaves turns to vibrant crimson-to-ruby red in early fall, making the whole plant glow with color. Take a collection of spindles of different shapes and different lengths, stack them on top of each other going from longest to shortest, secure them to an interesting wooden background , and treat friends and family to a primitive Christmas tree accent. Reply. More common seems to have been the use of spindle wood to make butchers’ skewers, hence the names skewer-timber and skewer-tree [9]. The spindle tree, to coin a phrase, “does exactly what is says on the tin,” or other words it name derives from the common usage its wood was put to: making spindles. It was used to make spindles, knitting needles, and pegs.. Spindle Mythology. There is a very faint liquorice-type odour.Solvent: Water and alcohol. The timber of the wood is soft and ideal carving material. The Spindle tree, and it’s leaves and berries, has been used over the centuries for many medicinal purposes. I’m already collecting green kitchen tools for to make my own tree, now I’ve got to find a base for a spindle tree (I think I have enough spindles). Euonymus planipes (Spindle Tree) Noted for its most dramatic foliage and very ornamental berries, Euonymus planipes (Spindle Tree) is a large, deciduous shrub that is invaluable in the fall and winter garden. See more ideas about spindle crafts, spindle, crafts. Herb: Spindle Tree Latin name: Euonymus europaeus Family: Celastraceae (Bittersweet Family) Medicinal use of Spindle Tree: The bark is alterative, cholagogue, hepatic, laxative, stimulant and tonic. November 11, 2015 at 5:20 PM. As before mentioned, the tree and its parts are very poisonous, so it would be better left in favour of other, safer potions for these ills. The spindle is represented in Manannan’s crane bag as the King of Lochlainn’s helmet.
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