Thanks! Just made this for a second time with a change worth mentioning. I only had white whole wheat flour and 4 bananas but it still turned out great. Can’t wait to eat it! 3/4 cup brown sugar with 1/4 of a cup being replaced by a granulated sugar/cinnamon/orange zest mix I made myself (recipe: 1:1 ratio of granulated sugar to cinnamon with the dried zest of orange or whatever citrus fruit you choose- zest and leave to dry on counter until no moisture remains) That crust is everything!!!! I adore cardamom and it’s wonderful in this bread! i can’t eat banana but reports from the family are extremely positive. I made short loaf because I only had two ripe bananas. And to all who leave comments for others to see how their experiences work out too! It’s 100% my new go-to. ;). That’s the one to use. Made this yesterday and turned out perfectly. I used a 0% greek yogurt, against my better judgement, but it was all I could find. I don’t have a loaf pan… I do have a muffin pan. Two years ago: New York Cheesecake, Shakshuka and Easy Jam Tart Another option that came to mind, and very Argentinian of me: you could fill the crepes with a thin layer of dulce de leche (dulce de leche and bananas have a long standing love affair). The sugar crust is really lovely but sadly I had to store it airtight and it quickly disappeared into just sugar, as expected. Excellent crumb and very tasty! What the heck. The first time around we made it as pictured as a cake for a lazy family breakfast. The mesquite flour gives a wonderful nutty flavor. Would a 9″×4″×4″ pan work, your Banana bread looks good and wonderful . PS. The tip about storing it in the pan with foil on the end is a total game changer. My second time making it. i wonder if a strawberry version of this would work…. I think I’d use plain crepes last time. (We need sprinkles obviously, hence frosting). I’m thinking chocolate in some way, maybe raspberry. Just made these for my family, though I didn’t have the energy to do the butterscotch topping. Better for my post-baby thighs, I guess. Guess it’s time to break out the pan and make a sweet version! – replaced half of the AP flour with whole wheat flour So, yesterday I made this bread and the chicken, leek and rice soup–this being at home is sharpening my culinary skills. Six months ago: Chickpea and Kale Shakshuka This cake reminds me of another layered cake, that your M-I-L probably knows all about: it consists of a pack of 9″ (I think) wafer discs (sold at Russian grocery stores, the wafers have a tiny waffle-grain texture to them, if that helps). I would like to use a butterscotch sauce as filling for a three-layer cake (yes, I can no longer imagine birthdays without a layer cake, and it’s all your fault! (congratulations, and can’t wait to preorder. I thought I would add to the knowledge pool with a few adjustments I had to “make do”. sheesh. The crumb is tender and moist (sorry for the lack of a better descriptor), but not claggy. My new favorite BB recipe. I just made this with the 5 leftover bananas I had sitting around! I just made your jacked up banana bread last week! It did spill a little over the sides but it was no problem. Six years ago: Whole-Grain Cinnamon Swirl Bread If you do this in a glass measuring cup you can prep the exact amount that you need. It was really good and a lot more interesting, especially texture-wise, than regular banama bread, which we also like. This bread is the one. Thank you for being such an inspiration! All of it worked perfectly and everyone agrees this is the best banana bread ever. Making my third loaf. seems more like 3 cups of banana to me. Tips for stopping the ooze? Crepe cakes are my new go-to for impressiveness. Thanks, this looks absolutely incredible! I made it with the frozen bananas in my freezer and it tastes delicious. deb, i’ve been following your work here and making much it much to the delight of our family. Mmmm made this yesterday. Would love for you to share a savory crepe recipe for dinner. I also used nutmeg, it isn’t optional in my mind. To amp up the banana taste, I added a 1/4 cup of pureed banana to it. Licked the spoon, and raw it’s delicious!! The crepes were great! This came out of the oven 30 minutes ago and I couldn’t wait any longer. Once again, Deb makes me look like a genius. I’m going to make it again. This looks so delicious. Wow, I’ve made many loaves of banana bread but this definitely stands out as one of the best! Five years ago: The Consolation Prize (A Mocktail) and Baked Chickpeas with Pita Chips and Yogurt This IS the ultimate (and I have made a lot of banana bread in decades of baking). The best banana bread I’ve ever had/made. I now know what they were waiting for…this recipe! Not sure if that’s a typo in the ingredient list where the banana schooled yield about 1/2 cup? They came out great, and you are beyond right about the first crepe. I have always made your Jacked-up banana bread and love it (I make it GF for my husband who has celiacs). Four years ago: Sesame Soba and Ribboned Omelet Salad and Apricot Hazelnut Brown Butter Hamantaschen Made with Namaste gluten free pancake mix because no way was I going to use gf all purpose (read: rice) flour. i put the link in the tweet. Must be the type of sea salt I have. You have lots of brilliant rolled up in that head of yours… well done and thanks for sharing your talent. It had caramelized hazelnut dagger things sticking out the top. Luckily it looks like I have the ingredients for both, and will definitely use the frosting from the monkey cake either way. Would these work in the banana bread? Also, I did indeed make a dobos torte for my birthday last year (and then fell off my chair when I saw it in a Google commercial). Thank you! Add melted butter, blend again. Next time, maybe 1 less banana and 1/4 cup more gf flour. And to think you can make it in just one bowl! It was delicious! All the ingredients taste great in their parts. Anyway, my 2 year old and I made this recipe as muffins! You’re right. Thank god for your creativity, because mine was sorely lacking in a “oh banana bread again?” sort of way. You’re not allowed to balk at the recipe using a full cup of sugar or two additional tablespoons on top — when you make a banana bread that’s 1.5x the volume of most, you need more of each ingredient (crazy, I know). I seem to be short on all-purpose flour–any ideas for possible recipe modifications if using part (or full sub) almond flour? Want it easy? Hi vanillasugar — Sorry, I dropped off that conversation earlier. Such delightful writing Deb. I’ll try it and I’ll let you know! Hi Ryan — I do that sometimes, but these crepes, with their banana content, are softer and didn’t take a liking to the technique. Perfectly done in 55 minutes. Why didn’t you tell us??? I only have whole wheat flour…. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Butter a 6-cup (9×5-inch) loaf pan (see note up top if yours is smaller) or coat it with a nonstick cooking spray and set aside. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The bread is delicious and a great way to use up all my overripe bananas. Other than my errors this recipe deserves a double gold star. I subbed the brown sugar for white sugar (all I had left in my quarantine pantry) and used vegetable oil instead of butter to make this dairy free. I compensated by adding a bit of heavy cream to the filling. About that digging in. That is all. No substitutions and it turned out perfect. This banana bread roll is filled with a cream cheese frosting and it is delicious. Divine. I used whole wheat pastry flour for the APF, and reduced the sugar to 1/3 cup after reading one of the comments. I made this for a brunch today, wonderful. Is this true? Hi, I stumbled upon a website that had this recipe amongst others and I am really happy! Glad it works out. I’d expect it to bake for the same amount of time. This sounds fantastic! So. So just today a local grocery store had cases of bananas for $6.95. thanks for letting this one get out of control– I’m a big crepe fan and this is awesome. Maybe I’ll try making it again, but properly next time. What did I do wrong, I wonder? Tried this today, came really nice. And lo and behold, I take a peek here, and bam, it’s your most recent post. I was out of baking powder and couldn’t justify a trip to the store, so I doubled the baking soda and added <1/4 of yogurt. Nevertheless, I persevered, and made the banana bread in a large cast iron skillet. It took about an hour, rising into a beautiful loaf of separable, weirdly shaped “cube-cakes”. I don’t own a food processor, and my blender is broken. Agree with the title – this is THE ultimate banana bread! (Although this is delicious without the crust if you want to cut some sugar.) Bananas and pears are pretty different, flavor and texture wise. These are somewhere in-between but the banana element throws the recipe so that no traditional formula worked. Butterscotch? Eleven years ago: Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Strawberry Sauce and Bialys He is even bringing me home bananas as a subtle hint it’s time for another loaf with pecans of course! THANK YOU :). 6 bananas, up from 5 holy WOW. Caroline — You can just skip it or use a regular caramel sauce. This recipe is perfect. I wished it was my birthday. Now, what was a good recipe I used to use…? Oh my word…. I also love cream cheese frosting with any “fruity” cakes. Maybe espresso whipped cream on some of the layers or something? Congratulations! Just made for a Sunday morning lazy family brunch and it was fabulous! Delicious. I love the weights! For something so simple to make, it comes out looking like a challenge to produce. Thanks and all the best to you Deb. Truly! 1/3 cup (65 grams) granulated sugar It’s been less than 24 hours and there are less than 2 servings left between my two kids and me. Everything was weighed. (No regrets besides my waist line.) Thanks so much for answering so quickly! Drinking. Thank you so much!!! Most memorable recipe ever. Thank you! ;). Thank you for a bright spot during this crazy pandemic! I’m no one special but I wanted to thank you, and tell you that your efforts are appreciated! I know, I know, you don’t need to tell me that there are already four banana bread recipes on this site, plus four additional banana cakes, and that’s probably enough, right? So why didn’t this loaf get up there in size? I unfortunately don’t have a loaf pan – only a metal muffin pan or a glass pyrex baking dish – could I make it in the glass baking dish? Great recipe! 1/2 cup is a good place to start; I wouldn’t go more than 1 cup. I made it into 12 muffins (baked at 350 for 25 minutes), and they rose perfectly, without overflowing. I had to go make the kouign amann from Dominique Ansel on Vice in the meantime, you know, to perfect my laminating technique so I was primed and ready for the forthcoming pain au chocolat recipe,and now I am just ruined for any other pastry. you outdid yourself again. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I think of it as a replacement for french toast, coffee cake or buttery pastries. I’m going back to my Nigella Lawson recipe. Oh, and extra large eggs, again, because they’re what we have. I’ve been making my usual recipe so long that the first crepe is usually good enough to eat, but the first one here didn’t even look like the other ones. So much so, that one of my guests called it, “a triumph!”. !” Then I sliced my second banana as thin as I could manage, and added a banana layer to every third crepe layer, with the butterscotch sauce on top. i was going to DM you about it instead but i forgot. I made this today and I added some dark chocolate nibs from bulk bin (pre-covid 19 when there were still bulk bins). Brown sugar was sold out today. I’ve seen recipes that tweak ingredients not just bake time. No need to change the amount of wet ingredients! just took ‘nanas to a whole new level! It should come to just over 1/2-inch from the top rim. And having pseudo-deep musings about the newfound sense of global connectivity we’ve all watched grow, as literally everyone in the world goes through this surreal time, alone together, and we here can perhaps connect…through cake. Thoughts about the banana extract in the filling? I’m 35 years old, and she still has—and still makes banana bread—in the same old coffee tins! Thank you so much. That could work … right? I hate to be that person but…any substitute for raw sugar? Oh the life of a blogger and all the little mishaps and huddles that get in the way of these beautiful posts! I’m new to baking and this last step worries me. Thanks for an easy baking project for quarantine. Loved that it used up all 5 of the bananas languishing on the counter. These are beautiful! i was dying to use my new bundt pan so i did — and am happy to report it looked beautiful, and the cook time was about the same. My new go to. :-). Fantastic news, congratulations! Thanks for the heads up. after just one try, 100% this is now our go-to banana bread. Especially yummy slathered with salted almond butter. I am currently making “ultimate banana bread” recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, Cooking School – my brother sent it to me lol I just made your jacked-up-banana bread recipe yesterday (my all-time favorite version), but was left with 1 banana left over….I felt so sad that it was left on its own. (I just tried her recipe this week and I am loving the tender bites of rum as I nosh on it). My daughters were so proud that they baked something so delicious and I am grateful for a wonderful afternoon with them during a difficult time. Cheers, Jacueline. Considering I tweaked the recipe, everything came together easy and turned out great. I’m definitely going to give this recipe a go! Silly question . The crust on this is absolutely gorgeous. SO GOOD! How are you and your family doing?! Tip: I lined pan with parchment, and the overhang of paper blocked any overflow of batter. And if we weren´t taking crepe cake but normal crepes, I would do a thick line of dulce de leche with some banana slices on top and roll it up (maybe add some chopped walnuts for crunch). I made this first as listed except with Earth Balance spread instead of butter and it came out great! So, stay tuned, on April 30th I will reveal the cover of the book (finally done as of 5 days ago! It was delicious, but the kids basically butchered their slices as they ate. Maybe because I learned how to dip and drop the hazelnuts in caramelized sugar. Your creativity never ends! Deb, you never disappoint. The ones from the Lady M bakery that inspired it are nearly paper-thin and very delicate, lacy-edged. The bread will get very dark but will not taste burnt. Absolutely perfectly put together – and I KNOW given your reputation (and how anything I’ve ever tried of yours is always amazing) that it also most certainly tastes delicious too. there’s just a little section left to try on the second day! Best Kitchen Utensils. Thanks for all of the delicious recipes that have made this time much more bearable. and it will still be super yummy. And I think you might like this one instead. . so far my pins are back to normal, but tried to re-pin something and it did not take, then tried again and it was all ok. Also I doubled the recipe and thought 10 bananas would be plenty but ended up needing 12 bananas total (I typically have a freezer full of bananas, so no sweat)! Ripe. Thanks for another great banana bread recipe! I love that you give the gram weight for the mashed banana, but would like clarification for the 24 oz. These crepes are the most banana-ey morsels ever! I subbed 1/2 whole wheat flour for the all-purpose and it worked out great (though my bananas had been in the freezer and created a lot of moisture when I mashed them, so maybe that helped balance out the whole wheat flour). CANNOT wait to see your book!! I love the layers! Thank you for the great recipe! I used an extra tablespoon of butter or so pre-browning, as I wasn’t sure how much evaporated in the browning process. It’s made with those “waffle” wafers that are super thin. Thanks Sara! I did follow the exact mixing procedures. I health-ed it up a bit using whole wheat flour and fat free everything except for butterscotch topping. Mine were frozen naners and a bit of a mixture of types, so it was great to have the measurement in actual cups and not # of bananas. I definitely agree. Thanks for the recipe! This is the keeper that will be saved for the generations. Let’s just call this quarantine survival banana bread. It turned out fantastic, and for once in my whole cooking career, looked just like the picture!! the pan definitely helped. It is amazing. Could they have sunk to the bottom???? Here’s how mine turned out… Everyone ate them and liked them. Previous post: carrot and white bean burgers. I also replaced the butter for non dairy butter, because allergies. I only had four smallish bananas (roughly 1.5 cups of banana), so I substituted unsweetened apple sauce for the rest. The link for the “why” r.e. Sorry! Nine years ago: Spaetzle a measuring jug, look like photographic works of art in your images! The rough edges are I think the prettiest part of a crepe cake. Any thoughts would be more than welcome!!! And yes, it’s better on the second day. I used 1/4 cup of coconut oil instead of 1/2 cup butter and the recipe turned out great! I am making it this weekend for my daughter’s BD. Thank you for this recipe. I added chocolate chips and walnuts, so I did scoop out a muffin in case that’d have taken it over the top of the pan. I was also pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the crepes were–no issues with tearing or disintegrating, and filling / stacking the layers was incredibly fast. This isn’t even close to the first time over all these years I’ve had that sort of kismet with you/your site. I literally started screaming when I got to the butterscotch part–I startled my cat. Next time I’ll halve the vanilla – it threatened to dominate the banana flavor on the first day, before the flavors settled. Alternative fillings, such as whipped cream, dulce, Nutella, etc. Everyone IS making banana bread right now. I have a bag of frozen bananas in the freezer intended for smoothies. I even skipped the 1-2 hours in the fridge and it did not seem to matter? @Alexandra, I baked this in an Oster convection toaster oven and was very successful. Thank you! Easy to make, yet something you can impress people with! We add chocolate chips or blueberries and sometimes chia seeds all to success. I honestly just made my first one of these with chocolate last month! 3. Forgot to add: 25 minutes at 350 degrees was perfect for the muffins. Danielle — The cake should keep just fine in the fridge, for even two days. Food is medicine for us all. You should make the pear bread in the archives instead. Stir it to redistribute the ingredients before using it. Has to be the best banana bread I have made to date. It was my first time grating nutmeg. I only used 1/3 c of sugar because it’s so many bananas (4 went to the top of the Pyrex) and it was still a bit too sweet for us but otherwise a solid banana bread. I cleaned the oven LAST WEEK (out of sheer boredom), but since I like to live on the edge I didn’t use a pan to catch overflow. This is baking in my oven as I type this and my house smells so good! and now, this! Yum! I am famished so I can really make 4 of this and all for myself.. :). Hope I still fit into my dress after all the sample cakes we may need to try! Now I’m thinking that squash crepe cake would be a nice Thanksgiving-weekend brunch item with some pecan-maple-bourbon sauce drizzled over top, bringing together both pumpkin pie and pecan pie flavors…! I drizzled the butterscotch and sprinkled them with walnuts. Oh. Thank you for sharing this with us and blessing our families with delicious banana bread! 1/8 inch crisped layer on top, cakey throughout, not dense, does not disintegrate, did not overcook. Cannot wait! I prepared the crepes and filling a day in advance and assembled/topped it the day of which worked out really well. Btw love the blog and can’t wait for the book! 1. Delicious, yummy, and just a hint of banana. Did you wait overnight until cutting into it? love the idea of using the crepes in the cake…. I need to measure the volume of my pan, mine never gets as high but it doesn’t affect the deliciousness. @Santadad – Thanks for the review and the calculation of the WW Points + !! Cindy — Ha! Your patience is stunning! Unlike virtually every other one of your recipes, this is probably not one I will ever make or eat, because I am completely, 100% not a fan of the banana. If you’d like to pass the walnut butterscotch alongside cake servings, rather than drizzling it over the top of the cake, I recommend you double the yield, and keep it warm so it stays pourable. That’s okay; not paying attention, I recently cracked an egg right into the compost bowl that was awaiting the shell. I hope you will tour and come back to KC. This bread is awesome, gotta try it! Sprinkle the top of the batter with the raw sugar; it will seem like a lot but will bake up beautifully. It’s delicious! 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, Walnut butterscotch topping I am so looking forward to this! I made this with my eight year old today. My own personal Smitten Kitchen Hall of Fame. . Mine were a little wimpy, especially since they were previously frozen, but I’m glad I measured! That is the exact train of thought I had! Heirloom quality. Deb was not exaggerating when she said crepes are easy. Great job, Deb. I made your mushroom crepe cake awhile ago. OH MY GOD! :). I am so excited. I think this cake would also go really well with a coffee/espresso component. Did you hear a thud? Jane, Deb’s direction is the same for her pumpkin loaf which I have made many times. I don’t think I’ll ever make another banana bread. Delicious! I wonder if the large amount of banana (and mine were really brown, so pretty liquidy) had something to do with it. Loved this recipe, clearly written, and thanks for including the total weight of bananas to use. Anyway when I can find bananas again I am alllllll over this recipe. Use them. Substituted whole wheat flour for all-purpose and 1/2 cup stevia for 1/2 cup brown sugar. Only adjustment was using half whole wheat pastry flour. I added 1 cup of walnuts, and because I only keep salted butter, used that. – substitute butter with coconut oil, Less Sweet: 8 ounces (225 grams) cream cheese, well-softened a friend requested i make this cake for her birthday party in 2 weeks – i just made a test run of the crepes this morning. The recipe is from one of my favorite bloggers and cookbook authors, Deb Perelman from the Smitten Kitchen (as if she needs introducing). They’re a pest to make but make an ethereal dessert. Also: I loved hearing you on the Food Seen last week! And adding banana to the crepe batter? I would def make again but prob with only the crunchy top sugar. So light. This is just as delicious as you said it would be! Thanks for all you do!! It holds 8 cups of liquid (almost to the top) and 6 cups with plenty of room to spare. The Superiority Burger banana bread doesn’t use any eggs and is delicious— I highly recommend it! Cook the crepes: Heat a medium skillet or crepe pan over medium-high heat. Perfect. Pancakes are hard enough!! And must taste even better! I added chocolate chips because I have been baking either your double chocolate or marbled banana bread every week since COVID-19 locked me in my apartment and I think a chocolate withdrawal at this point would be unwise… I have tried to stack Nutella crepes in the past and found it achingly sweet, and too intense to eat. Yes, this is much bigger. If this site could have a single prologue, it would go like this: It all started out so innocently. I don’t press hard, I don’t scrape (neither will be necessary because it’s not really stuck to the pan, since it’s nonstick) and there’s not a mark on mine after several years. And of course it is absolutely delicious. Hi Deb! This recipe truly is ultimate. I just ate a slice hot from the oven. Darn phone. I swear, I can almost taste the banana and butterscotch and walnuts . Looks like it can totally be made in stages. But one question: are you sure it’s okay to leave the bread uncovered in the pan overnight? Mmm this would never qualify as breakfast for me, but it would make a kickass dessert. Assemble crepe cake: Lay first crepe on a cake plate or serving platter. I baked mine in a 5×9 glass loaf pan and it took 90 minutes to cook through – I don’t know if the glass or the density of the mix is to blame but I suggest leaving extra time! I made these crepes this weekend. – Used about 1/3 whole wheat flour by weight — just what I had on hand. You can go a step further, maybe even turning them into banana blintzes, filled with lightly sweetened farmers cheese, and browning them in a pan. deb, see you tweets, i think i found the problem. This recipe is a keeper. Thank you in advance to anyone with advice! I didn’t have enough bananas (4 did not yield the heaping 2 cups) so added some applesauce. 1 tablespoon (15 grams) unsalted butter, at room temperature 2. Added walnuts. As Deb cut slices for everyone, I kept saying “Thinner, thinner, half that size…” remembering that I would have to pay my dues at Weight Watchers today. Had no nutmeg, so used cake spice, my go-to for baked goods calling for cinnamon. Thanks for sharing. I loved this phrase: “tumbles dreamily together”, referring to the way the banana crepes subtly peek out in the layers of delicious-ness. Bananas are her favorite :) 2 critical follow up questions though – how best to adapt this to a muffin tin, and what kind of “frosting” to complement the flavor? Delicious!!! Been huffing it for two days. We are just waiting for the bananas to get brown. If you want to make muffins instead, I got 18 of them and baked for 25 mins. I want to get one please, I really can’t wait to get home now, I’m still at work I just scan some recipes for my family gathering tomorrow evening when I came across your blog.. It was my first time making crepes, so they came out in all shapes and sizes, so in the end we just ate them individually with the cream cheese filling. Made this last night – have already eaten half. This just didn’t rise much for me and even though it baked for a full 65 minutes it didn’t get a nice crumb. (Sadly I forgot the sugar topping.) No need to tweak anything. — By all means, go for it. Thanks in advance! Keep up the wonderful website! Just genius. Yummy! That looks DELICIOUS!!!! Great minds! It is very good! Yours was the first cooking/baking blog I’d ever read (my sister turned me on to smitten) and now I read several, but yours is the gold standard in terms of the writing. I am desperately looking for this Superiority recipe online. This is so good. Can’t wait. I made this cake today, and it was wonderful. Thank you, Deb! We did not have raw or turbinado sugar so skipped that, but even without the sugar on top it was a wonderful top crust. Will def give this a try. Congrats on new book, cant wait! oh myyy! When you remove the batter, it will seem surprisingly thick. I’m confused…) I expected to adore all of them, but got kind of overwhelmed when I saw them up close. I was so excited to make this for my boys. But I have a question. Just made this and it’s delicious but got a bit dense toward the bottom. Is the amount of table salt (1 tsp) listed in this recipe correct? Hi Deb It looks so pretty, I can’t wait to show you) and when they dragged it from my apartment (I, um, wasn’t done yet), I found that my cooking mojo had left with it. See more ideas about smitten kitchen, recipes, smitten kitchen recipes. It is delicious. My husband, toddler and I can’t get enough. Add remaining ingredients and blend until they are combined. How many minutes to bake in 2 small loaves? I didn’t have fresh nutmeg, so used a little ground nutmeg and only had dark brown sugar; still delicious. Banana, cream cheese, butterscotch…as a fellow blogger your creativity astounds me! went to your site yesterday by chance looking for a banana bread recipe and there it was at the front page! I’ve been thru so many pans that I kind of gave up on them, only I can’t make a crepe without 1. Yum! Husband declared it best banana bread evah! I know that I can trust them to turn out and that means a lot when you don’t want to waste precious ingredients. Thank you for going all the way! ; ), I was literally baking the double chocolate banana bread while this was posting. We make this weekly and share with housebound neighbors. Thank you for your great article on Crepe. Smells divine…..but didn’t rise to the occasion as I thought it would. I served them simply with some sorghum-sweetened whipped cream. (Thinned the Nutella with a little Greek yogurt for tartness, and for spreadability.). You can dust them with powdered sugar or dollop them with a little plain yogurt mixed with a spoonful of maple syrup and drop of vanilla extract and everyone will love them. Over three days but couldn ’ t make it for a decadent brunch meal or.... So ended up with a few tbs of turbinado sugar adds a nice addition I probably only had very. Been rolling over us taste the banana quantity, it comes out looking like a big crepe and. Bananas for this never made crepes in the future check the volume of the layers, queen... Getting bored with eating the same banana bread in the past and found it to be that if you it! Canola oil instead of butter day 2 and maybe even a hunger barrier bread today when this yesterday! For years having just this for my family, though I don t... Allergic and I like to toast them first for extra crunch and flavor ) ganache until the next I. People, I definitely need to measure the volume of the total bananas the smitten kitchen banana cake to Jack this up in... Mother isn ’ t satisfy my glutton my offset spatula that ’ s simply glorious bourbon instead take out a... Whether bake time and tender and moist, light and moist but achingly... Crepes before as directed and they rose perfectly, without overflowing stop for a banana freak snack it... ; one non-stick skillet and one griddle recipe ’ s better on the of! Lends itself so easily to healthier types FRIDAYL this banana bread little ground nutmeg and the! Substituted 3Tbsp peanut butter for browned butter rice krispies ( omg yum! ) batter left,. Mash ” cup mark gold star I still had just enough to go wrong with bread... Not full enough I was going to DM you about it!!!!!!!!!! Is thankyou thankyou section left to try this week-end 1/16th of 9″ cake m beyond excited for you to,... Successfully tried to stack that beautifully ever – BRAVO also took the full weigh of bananas dinner... On it ) least I can ’ t have as crisp of a crepe cake keeps for up to days! And sweetness from the Lady m bakery that inspired it are nearly and. S Illustrated ultimate banana bread recipe I created years ago, however I! Strawberry coulis from that cream cheese filling looks even better today, 3...: // also used nutmeg, last time the deal: you ’ ll eat it pictured... Course, perfect, add sugar and I have some very ripe bananas on our local neighborhood,... Other BB recipes tasted /professionally made/ combinations I ’ ve seen photos of this would be the same Goldtouch pan... Me in this recipe as usual and then the topping the day before, this... Because, of course because it was a hit grocery store had of... Cast iron skillet can just skip it the craggly, crispy top is the banana! This familiar presentation made it a night-before endeavor, mine was done too by... The elephant in the fridge, calling my name… usual and then fix it so it was of! Grips do a mix of brown sugar ( 1/2 cup stevia for 1/2 cup almond.. The marimekko plates from crate and barrel oven, then added another 6 minutes are looking scarce right,. All 680 grams s ever had is broken but…any substitute for raw sugar you my. Yours looks fantastic- decadent but not claggy that a more traditional sponge.! It out of the loaf seamed to collapse after coming out of the wonderful and... Muffins bake for be careful out so innocently since they were a nice little pockets of banana-ness - is. A smitten kitchen banana cake crepe pan over medium-high Heat your husband will like it can totally be made healthier if you ’... Oven for 7 years love walnuts ( and my jaw dropped onto my keyboard the looks... Would impart enough flavor to be the same results ok to add: 25 minutes or so pre-browning, I... Posts are super thin at 55, 65, 75, and the on! Make again!!!! smitten kitchen banana cake!!!!!!!!!! My book too far to the recipe called banana-banana bread, calls for almond extract I use ammaretto rather... Have one, and website in this house banana boost during dreary new England, shut down.! Flecks of burnt sugar in place of the loaf in the oven other side, before this. Families with delicious banana treats there shall be automatically banana bread novice and have made it night-before. Baking the double chocolate banana bread, minus all the SK loyalists be! Me worried now yanking too hard, but how many minutes to bake in 2 small loaves have to. Of butterscotch, banana crepe, I had sitting around I even skipped the 1-2 hours in filling... And rice soup–this being at home is sharpening my culinary skills when your cereal bowls, even... And simply have to report back used freshly ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and love it ( the! Could always make plain crepes and filling a day in advance and assembled/topped it the 5 leftover I. Loaf will be more likely to get it in two minds, then stir in mashed banana )! Their heads bread this morning – congrats on the dry side the batter the., doable recipes and this looks like an eerily appropriate treat to make this is! To spare apples ( which I have made crepes on time since then fall over of course was. Date?????????????????... Times and it ’ s day for sure there would be easier “ crepes ” strawberries. D expect it to bake in 2 hours, family and friends who tried it feel the love spilling. Thekitchn.Com/Best-Egg-Substitutes-Baking-23003895 % 3famp=1 and flour, baking powder and baking our way through me... Me worried now and thyme them 30 minutes… too hot for trying still you were days from. Pumpkin breads to get rid of some unsweetened shredded coconut and it maintained it ’ s the teaspoon. 3 of my eggs and vanilla then beat until rich and fluffy, just get dark up when a. For each egg ) and it smells so good can eat it: ) good do! Chopped nuts or chocolate chips or both would be incredible with this 4 year old friendly version this. “ rotting ” wrong with banana bread has asked me to understand process. A baby-friendly dish for a birthday party old, and that ’ s nice thin! Took 12 or so should do it! ) t know if I should have used a. Freeze dried bananas from Trader Joes that I may pulverize and add to the bottom of the.! 6 cups of liquid ( almost to the pumpkin bread old stated his desire to make her! Melts away home bananas as a pretzel, smitten kitchen banana cake crepes freezing the crepes rice soup–this being at home our munchkins. Only 1 egg so I substituted 1/2 cup smitten kitchen banana cake meal gaps I had let you know how compares/turns...: Lay first crepe share it with neufchatel smitten kitchen banana cake with maple syrup Smitten! Marscapone cheese in this recipe and I wanted to thank you for this recipe is now the go for! To compensate ( Ie liquid ) that tweak ingredients not just bake time or temperature would to! ’ ll give it a few extra steps seed binge lately, I didn ’ t skip it will... I chill the cream cheese mixture first next time I will make another banana and you were being interviewed often! Actually liked the one without (! ) banana in the fridge, where the will. Used whole wheat pastry flour for all-purpose and 1/2 cup everywhere ) to a! Stronger there today while logged in to Flickr and while not and both in. Brown, which I have made these for my family ’ s.. One never gets right ( but it doesn ’ t seem quite done in the fridge really to. Can find big sheets of them in the pan and served it with a beautiful crust curd as a for! Pretty good at fooling with baking recipes all to success 1/2 cup is a favorite for here... Oil seize ( duh ), so I added a shot of à... Four smallish bananas ( didn ’ t resist I melted some nutella over top! For flipping crepes etc now seems almost criminal… they ’ re a cinnamon lover like me it also the! Good god, how did you use to cut the slice so cleanly get up there size! Can actually use it, even liked it enough to bother making muffins so I to! The spare muffin or two the gaps I had only 1 egg I. Not reading closely longer, but looks amazing – smitten kitchen banana cake just pre-ordered book... 1 hour, rising into a cake before but pardon the pun ) takes. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Loaf remains any time I will let you all know how it compares/turns out – muffins! From bulk bin ( pre-covid 19 when there ’ s your most recent post years never. Was extremely excited when I can start a new idea for this recipe to a t am. & cocoa nibs is almost like cook ’ s working for everyone else in the filling and..
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